A Dangerous Affair

by Jason Melby

A Dangerous Affair follows Lloyd Sullivan, a former college football star and ruggedly handsome ex-convict who strives to make amends with his terminally ill mother and his estranged foster brother. Despite his efforts to move on with his life, Lloyd falls for Jamie Blanchart, an attractive and unassuming sheriff’s wife caught between a malevolent husband and the lure of intimate encounters with a daring, kind-hearted stranger who rekindles her dormant yearning to feel needed again. Unable to resist their palpable chemistry, Lloyd and Jamie consummate their affair in a series of passionate and increasingly dangerous encounters. Together, they endure a harrowing chain of events that test their commitment to one another, as a sinister sheriff slowly uncovers the truth and threatens to destroy their lives forever.

  |  Romantic Suspense
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